Francis M. Rodriguez

Francis Miguel Rodriguez
December 31, 1991 - May 2, 2014
Providence, Rhode Island; Francis Rodriguez was born in Washington Heights, New York. His family later moved to Providence, Rhode Island. On Friday May 2, 2014 he passed away at Rhode Island Hospital. He was 22 years old. Francis, son of Juan Francisco Rodriguez and Lourdes E. De Aybar was the fourth of eight children. His siblings are Juan J Rodriguez, Sipsy Melissa Rodriguez, Alicia Vanessa Rodriguez, Krimilda De Lourdes Rodriguez, Esteban Antonio Perez, Gabriel Antonio Perez, and Keily Gabrielle Aybar. He left behind his beautiful three year old daughter, Hazelynn Rose Rodriguez and his girlfriend Roseemily Nuñez. Francis was an adventurous and fearless man who never backed down from a challenge. His smile radiated every room and would get everyone's attention. He spent his time caring and providing for his daughter; building tents and cooking in her miniature kitchen. When he was not with his daughter he would spend much of his time with his older brother, Juan and his best friends, Marvin and Jose. Francis was a very humorous person and always made everyone laugh. His funny antics and hilarious jokes would make anyone's day complete. He expressed himself through music, enjoying a variety of songs and artists. "He was prideful," said Alicia. "Francis had the biggest heart towards me and our daughter" -Roseemily stated. His father described him as a very compassionate man. Anything he would set his mind to he would research and complete it. The sky was the limit for him and he set no limitations.

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Christina Rodriguez - 05/08/2014

He is now a guardian angel to his daughter and family. My prayers and condolences go out the family. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace.

Javier Lozada - 05/08/2014

Francis was the coolest of the cool, and will be terribly missed. I am deeply saddened to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Cindy Parra - 05/08/2014

Francis, you were my family and this right now just made this real. I am so hurt and hate that i have to do this . My condolences to my second family at this time i love you all and am here at your for you at any time .

F1 T - 05/08/2014

I'm gonna miss my brother not blood but love em like we was. My condolences to the Fam R.I.P franny save a spot for me see yu soon black!

Linnette Lopez - 05/08/2014

As surreal as it seems. This makes it that much more real. Hard to accept. Hope he is in a better place. Watching over, smiling, and keeping his family strong. Breaks my heart. I Will keep his family in my prayers. RIP Francis.

Abdul Davies - 05/09/2014

SLEEP IN PEACE FRANCIS . My sincerest condolences to all of your loved ones. Watch down on us and protect us. Gone but never forgotten .

Nora - 05/10/2014

I almost always believe that things happen for a reason. Sometimes situations occur, like now, that make me doubt this philosophy. Blessed be Francis, you are greatly loved.

Pito from Florida 5/10/14 - 05/10/2014

Mad love to u Francis now u are peace with god and take care of now R.I.P

liza rodriguez - 05/10/2014

I'm miss u fam I'm in forever shock, but you are loved down here always and forever.
See you later Ninja!!!!

Devinie Alves - 05/12/2014

Still in complete shock, you was such an outgoing and funny person, your smile alone could brighten anyones day, your truly missed, I send my condolences to the family, im so sorry for your loss! Your in my prayers, RIP Franny

Patty Landy - 05/12/2014

Francis always made me laugh. I was sorry to hear about his death. May he be smiling with the angels and much love to Krimilda and his family at this time.

Gus Adu - 05/13/2014

RIP Franny "Black" Rodriguez... Watch over all of your friends and loved ones, you will always be missed.

Robert Grullon - 05/13/2014

Hey francis , I'm so glad I was able to be a part of your journey here on earth , How is it out there in the universe , must be beautiful . Something us humans can not even imagine . I miss your smart behind lol . Just know you are my motivation to make a difference here on Earth . You will always be missed & loved . Until we meet again in the next chapter we call life .

Love , your brother from another mother

Edwin Urena - 05/13/2014

It hurts to see you gone bro, even though we kinda lost touch over time i still remember us back in the day man you was a good friend one of my best. My condolences to the fam.

Sipsy Rodriguez - 05/17/2014

Everyday I wake up thinking you're going to walk in that door and ask me to make you something to eat. Every morning I wake up hoping that all of this is a dream. Bro, your life was taken too soon but I guess heaven couldn't wait for you. God has a greater purpose for you. I hope you're watching over all of us, especially Hazelynn. Must be nice to have grandma by your side. I believe that God has a purpose for you bro and I know that you're in a better place. Your spirit will live on through all of us and your little girl. You know how much I loved you and will always love you. Come visit me in my dreams here and there because you'll forever me missed and NEVER forgotten! I'll see you soon with some chocolate chip cookie pies. I love you always and forever!!

Steven dorego - 06/02/2014

My deepest condolences goes out to Francis' family. I didn't know him for long but he was a good guy. He was always the first to make a joke and had a way of making himself known when he walked in a room. I'm sure he'll be missed by many. Rip bro

Jup - 11/10/2014

Miss you boy, the calls, the text, the crusin all the memories are enough to last a lifetime but i never intended to reflect on those memories without you.we were supposed to look back at those moments and share that laugh. i love you bro. i miss you.

Myspace - 05/08/2015

I know its a year too late, but I came across your obituary and it still does not feel real. I miss you Franny. It bother's me knowing that I wont randomly bump into you and hold traffic off just so we could exchange numbers, or hearing you laugh. Or walking down Calla and not see you wearing your stunna shades ( I see you bro.) It is still unreal. Now people talk about you as if they knew you and its unfortunate that they will never have the chance too. You were such a great person and most of all a great father. Shes beautiful. Your entire family is. My condolences goes out to them. Keep smiling Francis. Love and miss you.

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