Alice Williams Roe-Grenier

Roe-Grenier, Alice W. On February 24, 2015, Alice Williams Roe-Grenier, having lived a full and dutiful life, faded away at the age of 100 years. The daughter of I. Percy and Florence (Williams) Roe, Alice lived all her days in the very same house in which she was born in Eden Park, Cranston, Rhode Island. There she cared for her parents with love and respect until they passed on. Even when Love finally swept her up into marriage at 86, she continued to dwell where she was rooted, surrounded by her gardens, and let love grow there. Alice graduated from Cranston High School in 1932 and continued her education, which was of utmost importance, at Pembroke College (Brown University) where she earned her Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 1936. In 1937, she began her professional career as a math teacher at Cranston High School, later Cranston HS East, where she was known as ‘Miss Roe.’ Her favorite subject was geometry and she was quite proud of being a ‘tough teacher.’ During her career, Alice continued her schooling and earned her Master’s of Education from Rhode Island College while she traveled around the world. Alice and her father, and later her dear friend, the late Mildred Rathbun, visited more than 80 countries taking in the world’s wonders, always to return home to her Cranston, of which she was most proud.At the age of 14, Alice began a lifelong commitment to community service through the Grange, an agricultural fraternity which allowed her the opportunity to celebrate gardening, service and friendship. She was a member of Oaklawn Grange, P of H #42. There she held many offices, predominately Treasurer, and served as Master for 5 years in the 1970s. Alice was also a descendent of Roger Williams, a member of the Roger Williams Family Association, a former deacon of Phillips Memorial Baptist Church, a member of the Cranston Historical Society and the Retired Teachers Association of Greater Providence. She was also a member of the Providence Pomona Grange, serving as an Executive Committee member, and former Chaplin of the Rhode Island State Grange. It is no surprise that it was in a Grange hall where Alice met her husband, Leo J. Grenier. A widower, Leo, fell in love with Alice’s decided ways and willingness to learn and see new things without a care for their age. They enjoyed traveling, visiting lighthouses, gardening, and of course, desserts… especially chocolate. Alice and Leo savored every minute of their shared lives, with an ease and joy often only found after many, many years. With this marriage, Alice became a part of a new family, surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will remember her, her strong-will, her travels, her flowers, and her love. Remembrances of Alice Williams Roe-Grenier will be held on Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00pm in The Butterfield Chapel 500 Pontiac Avenue Cranston. The Funeral Service will be held on Monday March 2, 2015 at 10:00am in Phillips Memorial Baptist Church 565 Pontiac Avenue Cranston.
Burial will follow in Pocasset Cemetery.

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The Roger Williams Family Association - 02/27/2015

We send our sincere sympathy to Granddaughter, Kelly, and Alice's extended family,for all the wonderful love and care you have given her.

- 02/27/2015

Alice Williams Roe was the last living 9th generation descendant in our Roger Williams family branch. A lifetime resident of Cranston, she lived her entire life in the same house her parents built in 1913, the year before she was born at 12 Hawthorne Ave in Eden Park. Loyal to her parents, Cranston High School teaching math, Roger Williams heritage, Phillips Memorial Church, Grange, close friends, Alice found true happiness and love with her husband Leo Grenier. She was a smart, highly focused, dedicated woman who travelled the world visiting over 80 different nations. She had a wonderful smile that made others sense inner warmth. Now she is with her parents for whom Alice faithfully dedicated so many decades. She will be remembered.

Thom Clegg & Bob Gormley - 02/28/2015

Kelly.....we are sorry for the loss of your grandmother. May you cherish the memories that you have of her. She was a lucky woman to have you in her life to care for and look over her in the last several years. Sincerely.....Bob & Thom

Martha Wicks Bellisle - 03/01/2015

Alice was a dear friend since our days at Pembroke College and throughout life including within the Phillips Church family. When health restrictions over the last decade prevented us from continuing our companionship I still thought of her often and cherished the memories of our friendship.
Sincerely, Martha
(paraphrased by her daughter)

Susan Rasmussen - 03/01/2015

"Miss Roe" was one of the most meaningful teachers I ever had. Having muddled through an algebra course in middle school with only fair results, I decided in high school to take it again, and was fortunately assigned as her student. Something about her manner of instruction clicked with me, and she unlocked the mysterious worlds of algebra and trigonometry. I have always appreciated that - and her.
I am pleased to know that the rest of her life was full and happy, and filled with her usual gusto. I suspect she enriched the lives of everyone she touched.

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